Five 'Spies' Killed in Chilling ISIS Video Aimed at UK
A new Islamic State video surfaced purporting to show the execution of five British spies.

The 10-minute video features a masked man with a British accent who calls the video “a message to David Cameron.”

He calls Cameron “Slave of the White House; Mule of the Jews,” mocking the British contribution to the war effort as insignificant.

He says the Islamic State will remain and “will continue to wage jihad, break borders and one day invade your land, where we will rule by the sharia.”

The executioner then says Britain will lose the war, as it lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, before shooting the captives. At the start of the video each captive gave a video confession detailing his alleged crimes in Arabic.

The video concludes with a young boy saying “we are going to kill the kuffar over there.”

British security services are currently examining the content of the video, which has not been independently verified. The British government has not made any comment as to the presence of British spies inside Islamic State territory.

The BBC reported unnamed experts as saying the video was made to distract from recent Islamic State losses on the battlefield, such as the capture of Ramadi by the Iraqi security forces.

Source: BBC
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