IACSP Counterterrorism Ring Rules

In order to maintain the high standards and business ethics set by the IACSP, each website will be reviewed by our advisory board for acceptance into our Counterterrorism Ring. If your site is accepted you will be notified and sent a ring code by email for you to add to your site.

If a website is rejected and not added to the ring, you will be notified by email as to the reason it has not been accepted.

By joining our Counterterrorism Ring, you will be linked to a global community of sites with other organizations related to or in the same field as your own. This will allow increased site traffic to all those sites who are in the Ring.

This ring is open for placement to companies and individuals who work in Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Government, and allied fields.

Please Note: The ring code must be placed on your home page somewhere near the bottom, and be clearly visible to all visitors of your site. You must not have any other WebRing code on your page with the IACSP ring code, example yahoo or other.

IMPORTANT: Before signing up read the following. All accepted members will be notified usually within 24 to 48 hours. After a member has been notified they are to follow the instructions given in the email and have the IACSP ring code added to there home-page in a timely manner, no longer then 48 hours. After that time your ring code will become invalid. This is done so that there are no breaks in the ring from members who signed up but never placed the code on there site. If you feel that you cannot meet the guidlines above please do not sign up for the WebRing at this time.

Webmasters if you feel your site may qualify to be in our ring
please fill out our WebRing Signup Form...

 I accept and have read the terms above.


The IACSP reserves the right to change this page content at any time.