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2013 Conference Pics ęDonald Hanson

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The 20th Annual IACSP Terrorism Trends & Forecasts Symposium was held on October 25th, 2013 in Mahwah, New Jersey at the prestigious Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute.

An audience of attendees from Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, Military, First Responders and Corporate Security Directors attended the conference.

The speakers were found to be very informative and entertaining, and networking was extensive. The conference was very well received and considered a great success.

An introduction to the Symposium was given by Brian Higgins, Director of Public Safety.

Some of our speakers included.

J.M. Peterson: Keynote Speaker

Michael Maloof:
the threat from an electromagnetic pulse attack.

William Pat Schuber:
The use of Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAV),aka Drones.

Richard P. Wright:
Crime and Terror in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Amery Vasso:
How to secure the information? Who receives what? Who needs what?

Dr. Joseph A. Devine:
The Role Of Anarchists In Domestic and International Terror.

Congratulations to Harvey Stevens, who won the grand prize Drawing for a Free Globalstar Satellite Phone, and Richard Tate who won a Voyager emergency radio.