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IACSP CD High Risk Environments Survival Checklist

As U.S. and coalition forces, corporate employees, and contractors continue to surge overseas for both operational and commercial trips, there is an urgent need for up-to-the minute, validated, credible personal security and survival information on what to do and how to get ready. Seven years in the making, the High Risk Environments Survival™ (HRES) Checklist is an electronic reference document providing information, resources, and inputs covering all of the key areas for taking a trip overseas to a high-risk area.

What you need to know, where to get more information, what to train on and where, and what to bring are all covered in this resource document. Over 40 pages of pertinent information culled from nearly 20 years of experience and research from a variety of sources and IACSP hands-on professionals to include Tactical Trainers, Special Forces Soldiers, who have served in the Global War on Terrorism, Corporate Security personnel, etc. Every inch of this document is packed with information. It can be viewed on your computer or pocket pc/PDA, or printed in color as a complete manual. We have gathered as much of this as possible in one place, having at your fingertips what you need to "know before you go."

Equipment, clothing, how to make a "go bag", medical prep, security preparations, personal protection items, open source intel resources, excellent reading, where to obtain free antiterrorism/personal protection manuals, weapons accessories, recommended personal training, complete listing of driving/shooting/fighting/protection schools, and how to prepare for the culture and situations you are about to visit....

Sent to you as a ready to use PDF file, the checklist includes over 200 hundred website links that you can click on immediately, taking you directly to the services, products, training, downloadable manuals, information resources that you need to plan for and prepare for your trip.

This checklist is designed to save you many hours of time, much effort, money, and even possibly your life.

Intended Audience / Who This Material Is Applicable To:

The IACSP HRES Checklist applies to all of the following: military personnel, security professionals, contractors, government civilian and law enforcement, NGO's, and journalists. Business persons and vacation travelers will also find much in this checklist that will make their trip safer, healthier, and more successful.

Whether you have advanced skills or experience in operating overseas, or are preparing for your first trip, or are getting ready to head to a hostile area overseas, the positive feedback from users of this document is a testimony to the importance and urgency of acquiring the IACSP HRES Checklist before you head out.

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