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Fox - Public Safety TRAINING, Educating, & Consulting, LLC.
Address: 75 Fox Grape Circle, Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Phone: 540-420-7423
E-Mail: Contact Company
Web URL: www.fox-publicsafety.com
Fox Public Safety will provide training and development to you or your agency. Among our areas of expertise is the critical field of leadership training. We also offer consulting services for the agency or individual.

We offer a very robust number of excellent online training courses as well as courses in a face-to-face setting. Webinars are also offered.

An advocate who is committed to excellence
Personal attention
Sound judgment based on years of experience, education, training, and best practices
Reasonable rates
Three decades of experience, training, and education at your service
Unequivocal ethical standards

Training Services Provided

Leadership and Management Training/Development
Leadership Solutions: Before, During, and After an Emergency/Crisis
Examining and Implementing Transformational Leadership
Leadership Schools
Effective Communication Skills
Human Relations/Cultural Awareness
Becoming a Leader
Conflict Management
Problem Solving and Decision Making
First Line Supervisor School

Ethics Training
Ethical Leadership
Developing Individual and Organizational Ethics
Ethical Challenges and Solutions in Organizations

Instructor Development/Training
General Instructor School
General Instructor Re-certification

Field Training Officer Training/Development

National Incident Management/Incident Command Training
National Response Framework (NRF)
National Incident Management (NIMS)
Incident Command System (ICS)
Unified Command

Emergency Management Training - (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery)
The Four Phases of Emergency Management
Emergency Preparedness
Traffic Incident Management Training
Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Crisis Management - Emotional Resilience

General Criminal Justice Courses - (All Types)
Surviving and Thriving in a Law Enforcement Career
Basic or In-Service Schools/Training

Homeland Security Related Topics - (All Types)
Terrorism Related Issues
Risk Assessments

Educational Services
Educational courses taught by Dr. Fox are provided through accredited colleges and universities.
Dissertation guidance, advice, review. Structure and APA review provided. (No Statistical Review Provided)

Consulting Services
Leadership and Management Development
Training Program Development (Face to Face or Online)
Personnel and Management Related Concerns (i.e., Ethical, Morale, etc.)
General Training Issues
NIMS Compliance/Implementation
Agency Policy Development or Review
Organizational Development

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