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Cyberdefense Guidelines For Agencies And Departments

By David Gewirtz

From a cyberdefense perspective, 2014 was a long year. Barely a day went by without reports of another breach, another hack attack, and another devastating security violation.

For agencies and departments tasked with their own missions, cybersecurity has often been an afterthought. But with so many disturbing reports in the news, administrators and directors have started to ask what they need to do to be prepared.

Although a full security policy is beyond the scope of this column, the following baker's dozen of security guidelines will give you a starting point as you make recommendations to your organizations.

1. Prepare to budget-up. You're going to war whether you want to or not.

Expect to spend on security software, systems, and consultants. This is a war and making sure you have the right defenses will cost money. The only thing that might make you feel slightly better is that it would cost you vastly more if you were attacked without any defenses.

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