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Salafi/Takfiri Micro-Theology:
The Non Illusive And Motivational Ideology Behind Jihadist Attacks In The 21st Century

By Brig Barker

Given the increased media exposure to ISIS and its activities in Western countries, the question of motive continues to plague society. Why would an individual attack others in such a diabolical and barbaric way? Society is now well past accepting that ISIS and those inspired by their ideology will continue to kill others, but the question remains why. The media displays or denotes that another individual has been beheaded, crucified, or deliberately run over by a tank and society rightfully asks the question as to why. The truth is, the attack itself albeit horrific in nature, is only the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface lies the deeply rooted cause that has led to the ostensibly unexplainable action. Understanding the hidden body of this iceberg provides the full explanation for all Jihadist attacks in western society since the 1998 Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Ideological Motives

What is the cause behind these attacks and why does Western society re-question the motive after each attack. The cause however is already known and understood by those in the Middle East. It is talked about on Arab television on a daily basis. It is regularly discussed in the streets amongst those that live in the Middle East. In fact, the majority of those living in the Islamic world know exactly what the motive is behind the ongoing attacks and further understand its ideology. This purportedly illusive ideology by western standards is well known and well understood in many other regions of the world. At its baseline, this ideology is deeply rooted in Islamic doctrine and the subjectivity of scholars and non-scholars. This ideology sits on a shelf as an extra-denominational belief system that is followed by a small percentage of Muslim followers.

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